Not the same Twitter anymore.

Not the same Twitter anymore.

I in past years worked at various different IT companies on a contract basis writing software, specifically for the Windows platform.

So, when I say that the new owner of Twitter has demonstrated complete folly in his steps so far in what he has done to Twitter, you can have faith that what I have said will pan out to be true.

If that kitchen sink is not real, the product is in trouble. And, if that kitchen sink doesn’t represent a real ability to completely replace what he has thus far displaced. Twitter, the product, is in trouble.

Pretty much any IT manager that has ever actually managed an IT software project will tell you that there are always the odd ends and pieces that are not neatly included and buttoned up into the final product.

Guarantee, there are things that get done manually, at certain times, under certain specific circumstances, occasionally whenever necessary, or if need be.

That is the nature of the beast.

And the only people that will typically know about all of the various twists and turns and combinations, pitfalls, do’s and absolute don’ts, are the people that have been dealing with them from day to day.

Guarantee you there are some (or were some people) that dealt with it every day. And if they are not there, and you don’t know what you are doing (as in, know what they know), you are in trouble.

Plain and simple.

And plain and simple, odds are that Twitter is in trouble.